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Table 5 Costs to decontaminate French houses with lead-based paint (€2008)

From: Childhood lead exposure in France: benefit estimation and partial cost-benefit analysis of lead hazard control

Type of costs Cost1 per home Cost2 per home Cost3 per home
Global environmental survey 381a 381a 381a
Home dust analysis 30b 30b 30b
Home paint analysis 30b 30b 30b
ANAH's assumptions 2,600c1 5,600c2 8,200c3
Housing substitutes 521d 521d 521d
Overall interventions 3,562 6,562 9,162
Total costs (€million) 133.1 245.3 342.5
  1. a = Argeron, 1995, actualized in 2008 by INVS [3]. b = LERES, 2009[54]. c = The National Agency of the housing environment (ANAH)[53], 2010., d = Mc Laine and colleagues.,2006, €2008[55].
  2. Table 5 presents lead-based paint decontamination costs per home. We used French data for global environmental survey (€381) and for home dust and home paint analysis (€30, each one). We used also the assumptions of ANAH works for estimating the removal of lead-based paint cost per home eliminating lead. These assumptions were the following ones: Assumption 1: a 20% max rate was applied to €13,000 standard works for rehabilitating old houses <1949, irrespective any lead-based paint intervention. Assumption 2: a 70% max rate was applied to €8,000 works of specific lead decontamination Assumption 3: Assumptions 1 & 2 combined, i.e. the max mix of two works.
  3. The housing substitutes, € 521, were US data based on Mc Laine analysis. Based on these data and assumptions, we calculated three overall interventions ranged from €3,562 to €9,162 and three total lead-based paint decontamination costs ranged from €133.1 to €342 million, which were performed on the 37,382 houses concerned, in one shot for one year.