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Table 3 miRNA processing Genes and SNPs included in this study

From: Ambient pollutants, polymorphisms associated with microRNA processing and adhesion molecules: the Normative Aging Study

Gene name Rs number Location Alleles Function Amino Acid Change HWE*≤0.1
Gem-associated protein 3 rs197412 chr1:112110476 T/C Coding exon Isoleucine/Threonine  
(GEMIN3)[DDX20] rs197388 chr1:112099005 T/A Promoter   
DROSHA[RNASEN] rs10719 chr5:31437204 C/T 3' UTR   
  rs6877842 chr5:31568395 C/G promoter   
DICER [DICER1] rs13078 chr14:94626500 T/A 3' UTR   
Gem-associated protein 4 rs7813 chr17:594936 T/C Coding exon Cysteine/arginine  
[GEMIN4] rs1062923 chr17:595817 T/C Coding exon Isoleucine/Threonine  
  rs3744741 chr17:595982 C/T Coding exon Arginine Glutamine  
  rs4968104 chr17:596255 T/A Coding exon Valine/Glutamic acid  
  rs910925* chr17:596297 G/C Coding exon Glycine/Alanine 0.1
  rs2740348 chr17:596685 G/C Coding exon Glutamic acid/Glutamine  
  rs910924 chr17:602670 C/T Promoter   
Digeorge syndrome rs3757* chr22:18479331 A/G 3' UTR 0.07
critical region gene 8 [ DGCR8] rs1640299 chr22:18478359 G/T 3' UTR  
  1. * Indicates Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium (HWE) p-value ≤0.1.