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Table 2 Perceived environmental, ecological or societal impacts from climate change in the United States, 2008

From: Climate change and climate variability: personal motivation for adaptation and mitigation

Introduction: I would like to ask you what you think about Global Climate Change. We are conducting a research study about this important issue, which has been discussed in the media a lot. Your opinion about climate change is very important to us. I assure you I am not selling anything. Your experiences will help people understand how to deal with climate change.
Screening question: Have you heard about "global climate change" or "global warming"?
Perceived impacts: Proportion
Question: Would you say that climate change causes the following types of environmental impacts in the United States?  
Heat waves (prolonged episodes of hot weather) 0.83
More frequent storms, including hurricanes 0.80
Melting permafrost in the Arctic regions 0.93
Drought conditions or Water shortages 0.84
Forest fires 0.69
Coastal erosion 0.79
Average temperature increase 0.89
Cold waves (blizzards) 0.61
Infectious diseases (e.g. dengue, West Nile Fever, malaria, etc) 0.69
Sea-level rise (gradual) 0.84
Flooding (disaster) 0.80
Aeroallergens (pollen) 0.55
Land or mud slides 0.65
Reduced food production 0.69
Loss of wildlife habitat 0.84
Economic decline 0.51
  1. Note: Restricted to individuals having heard about climate change (N = 622). Not mutually exclusive categories.