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Table 3 Perceived health risk from climate change, United States, 2008

From: Climate change and climate variability: personal motivation for adaptation and mitigation

Perceived health risk: Proportion
Question: Do you think climate change poses a risk to the health of Americans in any of the following ways?  
Heat stroke or heat exhaustion 0.69
Water quality impacts 0.71
Drowning 0.32
Water-borne diseases 0.59
Infectious diseases (e.g. Dengue, West Nile Fever, Malaria, Pandemic Flu, etc.) 0.61
Air quality impacts 0.82
Respiratory or breathing problems 0.78
Sunburn 0.73
Cancer 0.46
Frostbite or frozen skin 0.32
Stress or anxiety 0.64
  1. Note: Restricted to individuals having heard about climate change (N = 622). Not mutually exclusive categories.