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Table 4 Survey questions of climate change mitigation and adaptation, United States 2008

From: Climate change and climate variability: personal motivation for adaptation and mitigation

Category Survey Questions Proportion
Perceived susceptibility Do you believe climate change could affect your way of life or lifestyle if you don't prepare? 0.78
Perceived severity Do you believe that climate change can endanger your life? 0.69
Perceived benefits Can personal preparation for climate change save your life? 0.62
Perceived barriers Are there serious obstacles and barriers to protecting yourself from negative consequences of climate change? 0.31
Cues to action Do you think you have the information necessary to prepare for the impacts of climate change? 0.56
Self-efficacy Do you think that you have the ability and power to protect yourself from dangerous events from climate change? 0.56
Mitigation Have you reduced your energy consumption in response to what you have heard about global climate change? 0.77
Emergency plan Does your household currently have a plan for what to do to protect yourself and your family in the event of a disaster or emergency? Such a plan might include how you would evacuate your home, or how to stay in contact with other family members. 0.52
Emergency kit Some households have an emergency kit that includes such items as a first aid kit, thermometers, flashlight and batteries, food that won't spoil, sufficient drinking water, and other essential things people need to live for at least three days in the event of a disaster or emergency. Does your household have this type of emergency kit? 0.57
  1. Note: Responses were recorded on a binary scale.