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Table 6 Self-reported steps in energy conservation, United Stated, 2008

From: Climate change and climate variability: personal motivation for adaptation and mitigation

Energy conservation strategies: Proportion
Question: How did you reduce your energy consumption in response to what you've heard about global climate change?  
Reduced the amount of gasoline 0.90
Bought a fuel-efficient car 0.44
Started using public transportation, walking, biking or car pooling 0.43
Started recycling 0.82
Reduced your energy consumption at your home 0.99
Reduced your flying 0.49
Bought or switched to renewable energy (power) options 0.32
Conserved water 0.84
Bought locally produced foods 0.81
Reduced meat consumption 0.53
Bought carbon offsets 0.09
  1. Note: Restricted to those that reported reduced energy consumption (N = 479). Not mutually exclusive categories.