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Table 3 Functional categories significantly over-represented in the up- or down-modulated genes at 35 days of age by the effects of in uter o exposure to high dose of BBP

From: In utero exposure to butyl benzyl phthalate induces modifications in the morphology and the gene expression profile of the mammary gland: an experimental study in rats

  Function GO p-value
Up-modulated metabolic process GO:0008152, 6.71E-14
   GO:0044238, GO:0006629, GO:0005975,
GO:0019538, GO:0006800, GO:0006807,
GO:0006519, GO:0006732, GO:0006091,
GO:0006766, GO:0006790, GO:0022904
  cell communication GO:0007154 1.04E-09
  signaling GO:0007165 2.78E-09
   GO:0007242, GO:0007267, GO:0007166  
  transport GO:0006810 5.14E-09
   GO:0006886, GO:0015031, GO:0006897,
GO:0006869, GO:0016192, GO:0006811,
GO:0051180, GO:0008643, GO:0006812
  immune system process GO:0002376 4.12E-08
  cellular process GO:0009987 1.73E-07
  cell adhesion GO:0007155 4.50E-07
   GO:0007160, GO:0016337  
  system process GO:0003008 8.59E-07
   GO:0050877, GO:0008015, GO:0007601,
  response to stimulus GO:0050896 3.96E-05
   GO:0009605, GO:0006950, GO:0009636  
  homeostatic process GO:0042592 1.22E-04
  developmental process GO:0032502 5.03E-04
   GO:0009948, GO:0007399, GO:0048731,
  apoptosis GO:0006915 1.91E-03
Down-modulated cellular process GO:0009987 5.88E-18
  metabolic process GO:0008152 1.14E-17
   GO:0044238, GO:0006139, GO:0019538,
GO:0005975, GO:0006091, GO:0022904
  cell cycle GO:0007049 6.21E-13
  cell communication GO:0007154 2.02E-09
  intracellular signaling cascade GO:0007242 1.39E-08
   GO:0007165, GO:0007267, GO:0007166  
  cell motion GO:0006928 8.25E-07
  transport GO:0006810 5.83E-06
   GO:0008643, GO:0006886, GO:0015031,
  cellular component organization GO:0016043 2.56E-05
   GO:0006325, GO:0006996  
  apoptosis GO:0006915 9.20E-05
  immune system process GO:0002376 1.07E-04
  developmental process GO:0032502 5.31E-04
   GO:0048731, GO:0007399, GO:0007398  
  cell adhesion GO:0007155 5.75E-04
   GO:0016337, GO:0007160  
  response to stimulus GO:0050896 2.18E-03
  system process GO:0003008 2.45E-03
   GO:0050877, GO:0007601, GO:0007268  
  Other GO:0000910 2.32E-03
   GO:0007276 7.53E-03
  1. GO, Gene Ontology class.