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Table 8 The history and consequences toxic events of dinoflagellate AZP toxin seafood poisoning within the UK from 1995-2000

From: Toxic marine microalgae and shellfish poisoning in the British isles: history, review of epidemiology, and future implications

Year Event Reference
1995 Mussels cultivated in Killary Harbour, Ireland, were responsible for the intoxication of at least eight people in the Netherlands in November. [31]
1996 Human intoxications have been reported in Ireland around the Arranmore Island region on Donegal, Northwest Ireland. [32]
2000 In August, a number of incidents of food poisoning occurred in Sheffield, Warrington, Alyesbury and the Isle of Wight after the consumption of processed mussels originating from the SW coast of Ireland. These mussels were deemed safe-for-human consumption following negative mouse bioassays. Later identified that AZP was the causative toxin. [33]