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Table 9 The history and consequences toxic events of diatom ASP toxin seafood poisoning within the UK from 1999-2003

From: Toxic marine microalgae and shellfish poisoning in the British isles: history, review of epidemiology, and future implications

Year Event Reference
1999 In July, a scallop fishing area of 8,000 square miles was closed in the north west of Scotland following the discovery of ASP toxins over the regulatory limit. Species responsible Pseudo-nitzschia australis. [71, 72]
1999 A TPO was taken in Poole Harbour on the 6 March. One mussel sample returned over 20 μm of DA. [49]
2000 VCA of four aquaculture sites in Scotland as Scallops returned positive results for ASP. [69]
2000-2001 Toxins detected in Scallops above the regulatory limit. Restrictions on fishing activities were placed on affected regions in Scotland. [68]
2002 ASP was detected at Dale Voe, Shetlands in September, in Loch Moidart during in July, and Broadford Bay in July. Harvesting restrictions were imposed as necessary. [67]
2002-2003 Offshore scallop grounds in Scotland, continually detected ASP throughout 2002 and early 2003. Fisheries closures were implemented in affected shellfisheries. [67]