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Table 1 Study design and sample size

From: Personal endotoxin exposure in a panel study of school children with asthma

Subject Sample Personal Daily Endotoxin Exposure Indoor and Outdoor Home Daily Endotoxin Exposure Ambient Central Site Daily Endotoxin Exposure
45 subjects collected 376 subject samples   97 daily samples available on 339 person-days with personal endotoxin
Subset: 14 subjects in 12 homes1 116 subject samples included in above count Collected up to 10 days per subject home, total = 109 indoor and 111 outdoor daily samples. 109 person-days with personal endotoxin included in above count
  1. 1One subject or two sibling subjects were selected during each of sixteen 10-day sessions with a group of four subjects carrying personal exposure monitors. Thus, indoor endotoxin was available on 116 person-days with personal endotoxin, and outdoor endotoxin was available on 113 person-days with personal endotoxin.