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Table 5 Perceived problems due to extreme heat and cold (n = 450)

From: Households' perception of climate change and human health risks: A community perspective

Perceived problems due to extreme climate variability Heat Cold Consequences of
the problems
  Yes No Yes No  
Perceived problems due to heat % %    
Problems with drinking water 70.7 29.3    Health and hygiene
Cannot cultivate the crops in due time 75.8 4.7    Production loss
Growth of crops has decreased 78.2 2.2    Production loss
Yield of crops has decreased 77.1 3.1    Production loss
Cannot go outside of house due to extreme heat 87.3 9.3    Working hour loss
Have to work hard for irrigation 80.8 1.1    Extra work
Diseases/health problems/sickness has increased 96.2 3.1    Health problem
Perceived problems due to extreme cold    % %  
Boro (summer paddy) cannot be cultivated timely    68.9 3.1 Food shortage
Boro (summer paddy) seedbed cannot be sown    70.9 0.9 Production loss, food shortage
Potato cultivation is hampered    16.2 49.3 Food production loss
Betel leaf field is hampered    63.6 1.6 Cash crop loss
Robi (winter crops) crops cannot be cultivated    47.1 26.2 Cash crop loss
Potato cultivation is hampered because of dense fog    60.7 2.7 Cash crop loss
Flowering/blooming is delayed    47.1 16.5 Cash and Food loss
Color of the crops has faded    45.1 17.5 Cash loss
Mango inflorescence is hampered due to heavy fog    46.0 16.8 Cash and Food loss
  1. [Respondents were asked the question: "What are the problems you face because of changes in heat and cold"?]
  2. Percentage of "don't know" has not been presented in the table