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Table 3 Demographic profile of potentially exposed population (PEP a ) by average arsenic levels, 2005–2007, San Joaquin Valley, CA

From: Environmental justice implications of arsenic contamination in California’s San Joaquin Valley: a cross-sectional, cluster-design examining exposure and compliance in community drinking water systems

Population characteristics Average arsenic concentration
  < 10 μg/L 10-49.9 μg/L ≥ 50 μg/L
% Total Population (1,134,017) 86.1 13.7 0.2
% People of Colorb 54 61 24
% Non-Latino White 46 39 76
  1. a Per water system, PEP = population count of demographic of interest x (# of sources in one of three arsenic level/total # of sources sampled). PEP displayed in table is equal to sum across all water systems. This value can also be interpreted as the estimated number of people served water at this level. b People of color refer to both Latino and non-Latino people of color.