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Table 4 Fisher’s exact tests and related odds ratio (OR) for maximum contaminant level (MCL) violations, 2005–2007, San Joaquin Valley, CA

From: Environmental justice implications of arsenic contamination in California’s San Joaquin Valley: a cross-sectional, cluster-design examining exposure and compliance in community drinking water systems

Variable of interest ≥ 1 MCL violation No MCL violation OR (95% CI) P-value
High % Homeownership 12 269 .33 (.16, .67) .003
Low % Homeownership 22 161   
High % People of Color 24 207 2.6 (1.2, 5.4) .01
Low % People of Color 10 223   
  1. Fisher’s Exact test compares high and low category for variable of interest, where threshold is determined by median value across all CWS, and includes related odds ratio. Test compares demographics in community water systems that received at least one MCL violation to those with zero violations.