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Table 1 Plant protection products found in German fruit with corresponding health effects

From: Considering the cumulative risk of mixtures of chemicals – A challenge for policy makers

active substance chemical group* pesticide type* target health issues*
     carc end repr AChE neuro resp
Endosulfan-sulfate organochlorine acaricide, insecticide neurotoxic, affects the transfer of nerve impulses in insects and mammals ? ? - no yes -
Chlorpyrifos-ethyl organophosphate insecticide AChE inhibitor, causes dysfunction of the nerval system no ? yes yes no no
Chlorpyrifos-methyl organophosphate acaricide, insecticide AChE inhibitor, causes dysfunction of the nerval system no no - yes ? no
Triadimefon triazole fungicide disrupts membrane function ? ? yes no ? -
Trifloxystrobin strobilurin fungicide inhibits electron transfer and respiration no - yes no no -
Boscalid carboxamide fungicide inhibits sperm germination ? no ? no no -
Cyprodinil anilinopyrimidine fungicide blocks certain synthesis pathways within the cells no - ? no no yes
Dimethomorph morpholine fungicide lipid synthesis inhibitor no - ? no no no
Fenhexamid hydroxyanilide fungicide Disrupts membrane function, inhibits spore germination no - no no no no
Fludioxonil phenylpyrrole fungicide inhibits phosphorylation of glucose ? - ? no no no
Fluopicolide benzamide fungicide protectant ? - no no no no
Metalaxyl phenylamide fungicide protectant suppressing infections, sporangial formation and mycelial growth no - no no no -
Thiametoxam neonicotinoid insecticide affect the central nervous system by binding to an postsynaptic ACh receptor ? no no no no ?