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Table 3 Priority areas for further research and policy actions as indicated by the experts.

From: Policy relevant results from an expert elicitation on the health risks of phthalates

a) The frequency of the main elements (cause effect chain “groups”).
Causal box Source Envir. matrix Exposure Human body Social
Frequency 1 1 13 13 4
b) The three highest ranked (combination of most frequently mentioned and ranking positions) sub-items within each cause-effect chain element, their frequency and rank and their ranking in total.
  Frequency-item Frequency-group Ranking-positions Ranking-total
Exposure   13   
Med. device 2   1-3 3
Intrauterine 3   1-2-2 1
Human body   13   
Reprod. Tox. 3   1-4-4 2
  1. The elements of the cause-effect chain as illustrated by the diagram in Fig 1 were listed according to their influence on the extent of the health risk.