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Table 1 Methods followed to assess indoor air quality in photocopier centers

From: Chronic exposure to emissions from photocopiers in copy shops causes oxidative stress and systematic inflammation among photocopier operators in India

Air quality parameters Air flow rate Method
Carbon monoxide 40 mL/minute for 1 hour Indicator tube using silicomolybdate [25]
Nitrogen dioxide 200 mL/minute for 4 hours Spectrophotometric method [26, 27]
Ozone 1 L/minute for 1 hour Chemical method [28]
Fine particulate matter (PM2.5) 1.5 L/minute for 8 hours Gravimetric method [29]
Particulate matter (PM10) 1000 L/minute for 8 hours Gravimetric method [27, 30]
Sulphur dioxide 1 litre/minute for 30 minutes West and Gaeke method [27, 31]
Lead, Arsenic, Nickel 1 litre/minute for 8 hours Atomic Atomic Spectroscopy after absorption on filter paper [30, 32]
Ammonia 1 litre/minute for 1 hour Indophenol method [27]
Benzene, Benzo(a)pyrene 1.2 ml/minute Active sampling by activated charcoal tube, desorbed by Carbondisulphide followed by Gas chromatography with phenyl dimethyl polysiloxane column and flame ionisation detector [33, 34]