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Table 1 Comparison of alternatives to the base case proposed in this article

From: Mobile phone tracking: in support of modelling traffic-related air pollution contribution to individual exposure and its implications for public health impact assessment

Case Pollution field Exposure Cost at population scale
Base case in this article Pollution field is calculated by the aggregate of individual GSM or GPS-based trajectories plus emission and dispersion models. Accumulated along individual GSM or GPS-based trajectories. Low cost per individual. Cost of computational power.
Alternative 1 Measured on each individual trajectory by people carrying environmental micro-sensors. Accumulated along individual GPS-based trajectories. High cost per individual. Additional cost per individual is roughly the cost of a new smart phone.
Alternative 2 Stationary monitoring network plus geo-statistics modelling. Accumulated along GSM or GPS-based trajectories. Very high investment cost. Need very high density of monitoring stations on the road network.