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Table 4 Additional effect biomonitoring performed after the third incident

From: Accidental exposure to gas emissions from transit goods treated for pest control

Patient 8-OHdG (urine) [μg/g Crea.] mtDNA79 (serum) [arbitrary] Creatinine (urine) [g/L]
Pat.1 6.2 32.3 2.42
Pat.2 4.6 14.5 0.40
Pat.3 9.8 796.5 1.34
Pat.4 10.2 26.2 1.35
Pat.5 14.3 147.8 1.43
Pat.6 12.9 86.9 0.41
Con. 6.7 0.08  
Ref. n.d. n.d. 0.5-3.0
  1. Human biomonitoring (BM2) measurements were performed in samples collected five days after the third accident. The data show measurements of 8-OHdG as well as the circulating mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA79). The bold data, indicate for values higher than the references.
  2. The controls (con.) represent median values from 30 non-exposed individuals measured in the same analytical step as the patient samples.
  3. n.d. not determined; Ref. = DFG = reference values available from the Senate Commission of the German Research Council [DFG, 2012].