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Table 5 Overall and RUCC-stratified domain variable means, standard deviations, ranges for select variables in the built environment domain

From: Construction of an environmental quality index for public health research

   Metropolitan - urbanized Non-metro urbanized Less-urbanized Thinly populated Overall
   (RUCC1 = 1089) (RUCC2 = 323) (RUCC 3 = 1059) (RUCC4 = 670) (n = 3141)
Variable (construct) Units Mean (sd) [range] Mean (sd) [range] Mean (sd) [range] Mean (sd) [range] Mean (sd) [range]
Roads that are highways mile proportion 0.045 (0.026) 0.045 (0.025) 0.039 (0.029) 0.029 (0.031) 0.039 (0.029)
(Road system) [0, 0.156] [0, 0.158] [0, 0.210] [0, 0.291] [0, 0.291]
Roads that are primary streets mile proportion 0.171 (0.059) 0.148 (0.067) 0.136 (0.063) 0.119 (0.063) 0.146 (0.065)
(Road system) [0.009, 0.536] [0.015, 0.438] [0, 0.406] [0, 0.371] [0, 0.536]
Traffic fatality rate fatalities per co. pop 4.72E-04 (3.92E-04) 5.14E-04 (2.63E-04) 6.94E-04 (5.48E-04) 9.45E-04 (1.33E-03) 6.52E-04 (7.57E-04)
(Road safety) [0, 5.04E-03] [0, 1.60E-03] [0, 6.29E-03] [0, 1.10E-02] [0, 1.10E-02]
Population using public transport percent 1.699 (4.542) 0.714 (1.033) 0.447 (0.780) 0.393 (0.603) 0.897 (2.809)
(Public transit behavior) [0, 59.600] [0, 8.800] [0, 10.600] [0, 6.900] [0, 59.600]
Vice-related count per county population 3.56E-04 (2.10E-04) 4.48E-04 (2.29E-04) 4.71E-04 (3.32E-04) 7.25E-04 (6.56E-04) 4.76E-04 (3.98E-04)
(Business environment) [1.66E-05, 1.96E-03] [3.05E-05, 1.39E-03] [2.47E-05, 2.06E-03] [3.71E-05, 4.66E-03] [1.66E-05, 4.66E-03]
Entertainment-related count per county population 4.06E-04 (2.40E-04) 4.43E-04 (2.26E-04) 3.99E-04 (2.98E-04) 5.24E-04 (6.01E-04) 4.28E-04 (3.51E-04)
(Business environment) [3.80E-05, 2.51E-03] [6.72E-05, 1.63E-03] [2.82E-05, 2.97E-03] [5.15E-05, 6.80E-03] [2.82E-05, 6.80E-03]
Education-related count per county population 5.80E-04 (3.19E-04) 6.09E-04 (3.98E-04) 6.11E-04 (4.37E-04) 6.06E-04 (4.50E-04) 5.99E-04 (3.97E-04)
(Business environment) [7.30E-05, 3.25E-03] [1.01E-04, 3.33E-03] [4.73E-05, 3.92E-03] [6.10E-05, 3.26E-03] [4.73E-05, 3.92E-03]
Negative food related count per county population 7.67E-04 (2.15E-04) 8.67E-04 (2.12E-04) 8.85E-04 (2.89E-04) 8.27E-04 (5.03E-04) 8.30E-04 (3.20E-04)
(Business environment) [9.44E-05, 2.26E-03] [2.01E-04, 1.82E-03] [1.35E-04, 2.82E-03] [6.18E-05, 5.38E-03] [6.18E-05, 5.38E-03]
Positive food related count per county population 1.70E-03 (5.98E-04) 1.84E-03 (4.70E-04) 1.85E-03 (6.51E-04) 1.98E-03 (1.11E-03) 1.82E-03 (7.50E-04)
(Business environment) [3.88E-04, 1.04E-02] [6.28E-04, 4.63E-03] [3.82E-04, 7.87E-03] [1.92E-04, 1.49E-02] [1.92E-04, 1.49E-02]
Health care related count per county population 2.69E-03 (1.39E-03) 2.96E-03 (8.53E-04) 2.56E-03 (9.80E-04) 2.15E-03 (1.03E-03) 2.56E-03 (1.16E-03)
(Business environment) [1.94E-04, 2.47E-02] [7.79E-04, 8.89E-03] [1.42E-04, 1.13E-02] [1.42E-04, 7.66E-03] [1.42E-04, 2.47E-02]
Recreation related count per county population 2.49E-04 (1.24E-04) 3.11E-04 (1.47E-04) 3.32E-04 (2.41E-04) 5.13E-04 (6.47E-04) 3.30E-04 (3.29E-04)
(Business environment) [3.38E-05, 1.16E-03] [2.91E-05, 1.13E-03] [3.03E-05, 2.00E-03] [5.57E-05, 1.08E-02] [2.91E-05, 1.08E-02]
Social service related count per county population 8.64E-05 (5.72E-05) 9.18E-05 (5.12E-05) 1.17E-04 (8.79E-05) 2.03E-04 (1.54E-04) 1.10E-04 (9.03E-05)
(Business environment) [9.77E-06, 7.06E-04] [6.79E-06, 2.76E-04] [1.44E-05, 8.37E-04] [2.97E-05, 1.06E-03] [6.79E-06, 1.06E-03]
Total subsidized units count per county population 1.11E-02 (2.91E-02) 1.27E-02 (1.82E-02) 0.010 (0.019) 0.009 (0.042) 1.03E-02 (2.86E-02)
(Subsidized housing environment)   [0, 6.46E-01] [0, 1.77E-01] [0, 0.416] [0, 0.834] [0, 8.34E-01]
  1. Complete list of variables is available in Additional file 2.