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Table 5 Correlation between the incidence of mesothelioma in rats and in vitro cytotoxicity or initiation of abnormal anaphase/telophase in cultures of rat pleural mesothelial cells * [[87]]

From: Quantification of short and long asbestos fibers to assess asbestos exposure: a review of fiber size toxicity

  Probability of mesothelioma induction based on:
Metric Cytotoxicity (IC75) Abnormal mitosis
Weight 0.16 0.27
Total fibers 0.56 0.14
“Stanton” fibers 0.84 0.0075
“Pott” fibers ND 0.14
Fibers > 4 μm in length ND 0.25
  1. *Rank Spearman test.
  2. ND: not determined.