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Table 4 Unadjusted and adjusted mean blood manganese concentrations (BMC) by ASD cases status based on GLMs and 109 1:1 matched pairs

From: Blood manganese concentrations in Jamaican children with and without autism spectrum disorders

  Mean BMC (SD) ASD Cases (μg/L) Mean BMC (SD) TD Controls (μg/L) P-value
Unadjusted 10.9 (2.9) 10.5 (2.7) 0.29
Adjusted a 11.5 (2.7)* 11.9 (2.7)* 0.48
  1. aFactors adjusted for include: paternal age, parental education, place of child’s birth (Kingston parish vs. other parishes), consumption of root vegetables (“yam, sweet potato, or dasheen”), “cabbage”, salt water fish, and cakes/buns.
  2. *Standard deviation (SD) for adjusted model equals square root of means squared error in the final multivariable GLM.