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Table 1 Oil and gas operations by state

From: Air concentrations of volatile compounds near oil and gas production: a community-based exploratory study

State Drilling permits issued (year) Wells Production Setback requirements (dwellings and occupied structures) Ambient air quality standards
Drilled (year) Producing (year) Gas (Tcf) (year) Oil (MMbbl) (year)
AR ~ 890 (2012)a -- 8,538 (gas) (2012)b 1.15 (2012)b 6.59 (2012)a 200 ft. (from produced fluids storage tanks to habitable dwelling) 20 ppm (5 min.); 80 ppb (8-hr.) (H2S)c
~ 1,090 (2011)a 300 ft. (from produced fluids storage tanks to school, hospital, or other public use building)  
CO 4,025 (2013)a -- 46,697 (2014)d 1.71 (2012)b 64.88 (2013)a 500 ft. (from well to home or building, absent waiver) --c, e
3,775 (2012)a 1,000 ft. (from well to high occupancy building, absent hearing and approval)  
OH 903 (2012)a 553 (2012)a 51,739 (2012)a .084 (2012)b 4.97 (2012)a 150 ft. (occupied dwelling in urbanized area, absent consent) --c, e
690 (2011)a 150 ft. (occupied or public dwelling, non-urban area)
200 ft. (occupied dwelling w/in drilling unit due to mandatory pooling)
PA 4,617 (2013)a 2,174 (2013)a 55,812 (2011)f 2.26 (2012)b 2.7 (2011)a 500 ft. (from well bore to building or water well) 0.1 ppm (1-hr.); 0.005 ppm (24-hr.) (H2S)c, e
4,090 (2012)a
WY 3,230 (Sept. 2013-Aug. 2014)a -- 37,301 (2012)a 2.23 (2012)b 57.5 (2012)a 350 ft. (from wellhead, pumping unit, pit, production tank, and/or production equipment to residence, school, or hospital) 40 μg/m3 (half-hr. ave., 2x w/in 5 days) (H2S)c, e
  1. aState agency data.
  2. bU.S. Energy Information Administration data.
  3. cIn addition to National Ambient Air Quality Standards for criteria air pollutants and federal emissions standards – new source performance standards (40 C.F.R. §§ 60.5360 - 60.5430) and national emission standards for hazardous air pollutants (40 C.F.R. §§ 63.760 - 63.777) – applicable to the oil and gas industry.
  4. dPersonal communication with state agency.
  5. eIn addition to state emissions standards (e.g., VOC emissions from glycol dehydrators; green completions; valve requirements for pneumatic devices). See, for example, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s revised Air Quality Control Commission Regulation Numbers 3, 6, and 7 (adopted 23 February 2014).
  6. fEarthworks data.