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Table 1 Social stressor indicators

From: Social stressors and air pollution across New York City communities: a spatial approach for assessing correlations among multiple exposures

Stressor construct Administrative indicator NYC agency administrative data source Scale Date
Crime & Violence Felony Larceny Crimes NYC Police Department (NYPD) PP FY2009
Felony Murder and non-negligent manslaughter NYPD PP FY2009
Felonious Assault NYPD PP FY2009
Felony Robbery NYPD PP FY2009
Felony Burglary NYPD PP FY2009
Perceived Lack of Neighborhood Safety [self-report (SR)] DOHMH Community Health Survey (CHS) UHF 2010
Physical Disorder Small parks not acceptably clean NYC Parks Department CD FY2009
Sidewalks not acceptably clean NYC Mayor’s Office of Operations (MOoO) CD FY2009
Serious housing violations NYC Dept. of Housing Preservation and Development CD 2009
Air Quality complaints NY State Department of Environmental Protection CD FY2009
Crowding (>1 occupant/room) US Census American Community Survey (ACS) USCT 2005-09
Access to Healthcare No insurance coverage (SR) CHS UHF 2009
Went without needed medical care (SR) CHS UHF 2009
Without personal care provider (SR) CHS UHF 2009
Public Health Insurance enrollment MOoO CD FY2009
Noise disruption Frequent noise disruption (3+ times/wk) (SR) CHS UHF 2009
Noise disruption, by neighbors, traffic (SR) CHS UHF 2009
School-related stressors Students in schools exceeding capacity NYC Department of Education (DOE) SD 2006-07
School buildings in good to fair condition DOE SD 2006-07
Average daily student attendance DOE SD 2006-07
Substantiated cases of Child Abuse/Neglect NYC Administration of Child Services CD 2009
Socioeconomic Position (SEP) Living below 200% Federal Poverty Line ACS USCT 2005-09
Delayed rent or mortgage payment in past year (SR) CHS UHF 2009
Food Stamp program enrollment MOoO CD FY2009
Less than high school education (SR) CHS UHF 2009
Unemployed <1 year ACS USCT 2005-09
Non-White racial composition ACS USCT 2005-09
African American (Non-Hispanic) racial composition ACS USCT 2005-09
Hispanic ethnic composition ACS USCT 2005-09