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Table 1 Classification of pesticides used by farmers, the ten most used active ingredients and their characteristics (n = 171)

From: Occupational pesticide intoxications among farmers in Bolivia: a cross-sectional study

Active Ingredient Used by percent of farmers Toxicological classes* Chemical class Classification by main use
Methamidophos 69 % Ib Organophosphate Insecticide
Sulphur 40 % U   Fungicide
Propenophos 34 % II Organophosphate Insecticide
Cypermethrim 26 % II Pyretroide Insecticide
Spinosad 25 % U   Insecticide
Propineb 25 % U   Herbicide
Parathion 23 % Ia Organophosphate Insecticide
Dimethoate 16 % II Organophosphate Insecticide
Permethrin 15 % II Pyretroide Insecticide
Lambda cyhalotrin 11 % II Pyretroide Insecticide
  1. * Ia extremely hazardous, Ib highly hazardous, II moderately hazardous, III slightly hazardous, U active ingredient unlikely to present any harm in normal use, O obsolete (WHO classification).