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Figure 1

From: Dioxin-like activities in serum across European and Inuit populations

Figure 1

AhR-CALUX activities of the study groups. (A) Agonistic activity of serum extracts alone (AhRag), (B) AhR-TEQ (AhR-CALUX- TCDD toxic equivalent) and (C) competitive AhR activity upon cotreatment with 60pMTCDD (EC50) and serum extract (AhRcomp). For the AhRag the outliers ranging from 86.01 to 111.28 RLU/ml serum and extreme values (117.87 – 257.13 RLU/ml serum) are not shown. The reference lines of the respective solvent controls ± SD (6.67 ± 0.74) are given as dashed lines.

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