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Table 2 Definitions of terms used in product information descriptions

From: Use of point-of-sale data to track usage patterns of residential pesticides: methodology development

Product Information Definition
UPC number Universal Product Code – a string of 12 numbers that acts as a unique identifier code for each product; represented by a bar code on most retail products
Item description Short description of product type and brand
Manufacturer Company that manufactures and markets product under brand name
Brand Product name under which it is sold by retailers
Product Type Describes type of pesticide, in this case insecticide
Usage Site Describes whether product is intended for indoor or outdoor use
Pest Type What type of insect product is intended to be used on
Application Type Method of deliver, whether product is an aerosol, fogger, powder, etc
Container Type Type of container insecticide is sold in: trigger sprayer, aerosol can, trap, etc.
Container Size Weight of container or size of package
Sales Channel Identifies whether product was sold at a Hardware Store, Home Center, or Mass Merchant
Region Identifies if product was sold in the Northeast, South, Midwest, or West
Percent Active Ingredient Describes percentage of active ingredient (permethrin) in product
Date of Sale Describes Month and Year of sale of product
Price Amount Sold in Dollars