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Table 1 Self-Reporting Questionnaire (SRQ-20) 20 items [29]

From: Minor psychiatric disorders among Brazilian ragpickers: a cross-sectional study

1. Do you often have headaches? Yes/No
2. Is your appetite poor? Yes/No
3. Do you sleep badly? Yes/No
4. Are you easily frightened? Yes/No
5. Do your hands shake? Yes/No
6. Do you feel nervous, tense, or worried? Yes/No
7. Is your digestion poor? Yes/No
8. Do you have trouble thinking clearly? Yes/No
9. Do you feel unhappy? Yes/No
10. Do you cry more than usual? Yes/No
11. Do you find it difficult to enjoy your daily activities? Yes/No
12. Do you find it difficult to make decisions? Yes/No
13. Is your daily work suffering? Yes/No
14. Are you unable to play a useful part in life? Yes/No
15. Have you lost interest in things? Yes/No
16. Do you feel that you are a worthless person? Yes/No
17. Has the thought of ending your life been on your mind? Yes/No
18. Do you feel tired all the time? Yes/No
19. Do you have uncomfortable feelings in your stomach? Yes/No
20. Are you easily tired? Yes/No