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Table 2 Lung cancer mortality risk in intermediate group disappears after German component of study published separately††

From: Selected science: an industry campaign to undermine an OSHA hexavalent chromium standard

Mean Exposure to Cr(VI)* OR** 95% CI
Low and Intermediate (<5.8 u g/m3) Ref --
High (≥ 5.8 u g/m3) 6.9 2.6 – 18.2
  1. ††Adapted from Birk T, Mundt KA, Dell LD, et al: Lung cancer mortality in the German chromate industry, 1958–1998. J Occup Environ Med (in press) [58].
  2. *Mean Exposure to Cr(VI) derived by dividing cumulative urinary chromium exposure by 0.77 (conversion factor for air concentration), and then dividing by 45 years (OSHA's working life assumption); see text for details.
  3. **Odds Ratio