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Table 4 Results of linear regression for pregnancy duration and birthweight according to seafood intake

From: Maternal fish and shellfish intake and pregnancy outcomes: A prospective cohort study in Brittany, France

  Length of gestation (weeks) Birthweight (grams)
  Simple linear regression Multiple linear regressionb Simple linear regressionc Multiple linear regressionb,c
  β (95%CI) p β (95%CI) p β (95%CI) p β (95%CI) p
Frequency of fish intakea 0.021 (0.004–0.037) 0.01 0.018 (0.002–0.035) 0.03 0.777 (-3.446–5.000) 0.7 -1.556 (-5.587–2.476) 0.8
Frequency of shellfish intake a -0.014 (-0.036–0.009) 0.2 -0.018 (-0.041–0.005) 0.1 1.000 (-4.796–6.795) 0.7 1.50 (-4.017–7.016) 1.0
  1. a models included both fish and shellfish for mutual adjustment. b adjusted for maternal age, marital status, education level, parity, bmi, height, smoking status, alcohol consumption, diabetes and sex of the child. cadjusted for duration of gestation