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Table 1 Ventilation/Filtration Configuration Information

From: Control of asthma triggers in indoor air with air cleaners: a modeling analysis

Abbreviation Description
N Natural ventilation with no air cleaning capacity
Forced Air Systems
C Conventional 1-inch media filter (MERV 2)
C5 Standard 5 inch media filter. Based on Perfect Fit 5 inch media filter, Model BAYFTAH26M, Trane Residential Systems, Tyler, TX, USA (MERV 8)
HE High Efficiency System – CleanEffects™ Model TFD235ALAH000AA, Trane Residential Systems, Tyler, TX, USA
Forced Air Systems plus Portable Air Cleaners
C+1P Conventional 1-inch filter plus portable HEPA filter devices. Flow characteristics based on Quiet Flo HEPA Air Purifier Model 20316, Hunter Fan Company, Memphis, TN, USA. Filtration capacity based on Chen et al. (2006).
C+2P Conventional 1-inch filter plus 2 portable HEPA filters devices (See above)