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Table 1 Neurotoxic pesticides, which are authorised or pending evaluation for authorisation in the EU

From: Potential developmental neurotoxicity of pesticides used in Europe

Pesticide Annex 1 status
Organophosphate insecticides  
Chlorpyrifos In
Dimethoate In
Ethoprophos In
Phosmet In
Fenamiphos (nematicide) In
Pirimicarb In
Methomyl Application resubmitted
Pyrethroid insecticides  
Cypermethrin (type II) In
Deltamethrin (type II) In
Pyrethrum/pyrethrin (natural pyrethrin) Pending
Other insecticides  
Nicotine Pending
Dithiocarbamate fungicides  
Maneb In
Thiram In
Chlorophenoxy herbicides  
2,4-D In
Bipyridyl herbicides  
Diquat dibromide In
Warfarin In
Phosphides (zinc, magnesium, and aluminum phosphides) Pending
Sulfuryl fluoride Pending
  1. The list includes pesticicides, which are registered as "in" or "pending" on the current EU Annex 1 list (as of August 2008), and for which neurotoxicity in humans has been reported in The Hazardous Substances Data Bank and/or the NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards. The full Annex 1 list with the status of active substances under EU review can be downloaded as an Excel sheet at