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Table 1 Dominant diatom genera in large-scale iron fertilization experiments

From: Impacts of climate variability and future climate change on harmful algal blooms and human health

Year Experiment Dominant Phytoplankton* Diatom genera responding to Iron Enrichment§
1993 IronEx Mixed no data
1995 IronExII Diatoms Pseudo-nitzschia
1999 SOIREE Diatoms Fragilariopsis, Thalassiosira, Rhizosolenia, Pseudo-nitzschia, Nitzschia, Thalassiothrix
2000 EisenEx Diatoms Pseudo-nitzschia, Fragilariopsis, Thalassionema, Chaetoceros, Corethron
2001 SEEDS Diatoms Chaetoceros, Pseudo-nitzschia, Rhizosolenia, Leptocylindrus, Eucampia, Neodenticula
2002 SERIES Diatoms Pseudo-nitzschia, Neodenticula, Thalassiothrix, Chaetoceros, Rhizosolenia, Thalassiosira, Proboscia
2002 SOFeX (north) Mixed Pseudo-nitzschia
2002 SOFeX (south) Diatoms Fragilariopsis, Corethron, Chaetoceros, Rhizosolenia
2004 EIFEX Diatoms Thalassiothrix, Corethron, Rhizosolenoids, Pseudo-nitzschia, Fragilariopsis, Dactyliosolen
2004 SEEDS II Mixed Pseudo-nitzschia, Neodenticula
  1. Numerically dominant diatom genera in blooms induced by large-scale iron fertilization experiments. Experiments summarized here are the Iron Enrichment Experiments I and II (IronExI and IronExII), Southern Ocean Iron Release Experiment (SOIREE), Iron Experiment (EisenEx), Subarctic Pacific Iron Experiment for Ecosystem Dynamics Study (SEEDS), Subarctic Ecosystem Response to Iron Enrichment Study (SERIES), Southern Ocean Iron Experiments – North and South (SOFeX north and south), European Iron Fertilization Experiment (EIFEX), and Subarctic Pacific Iron Experiment for Ecosystem Dynamics Study II (SEEDS II). The genus Pseudo-nitzschia is in bold to highlight the ubiquity of this genus in large-scale iron enrichment experiments. *Data from Boyd et al. [100]. §Data compiled from Marchetti et al. [101], Hoffmann et al. [102], Tsuda et al. [103] and [104], and Martin et al. [105], Landry et al. [106]. During IronExII, Pseudo-nitzschia was originally misidentified as Nitzschia (K. Coale, pers. comm.).