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Table 1 Increase in dopamine level by TCDD exposure to N2a-Rβ cells

From: Effect of dioxins on regulation of tyrosine hydroxylase gene expression by aryl hydrocarbon receptor: a neurotoxicology study

L-dopa and catecholamines Amount Fold increase
L-dopa (ng/2 × 107cells) 118.8 ± 18.9 208.8 ± 18.0 1.75**
Dopamine (ng/2 × 107cells) 17.7 ± 2.7 28.1 ± 2.9 1.59**
Noradrenaline (pg/2 × 107cells) 66.8 ± 11.1 71.5 ± 8.6 1.07
Adrenaline (pg/2 × 107cells) N.D. N.D. N.D.
  1. L-dopa and catecholamines in N2a-Rβ cells were measured by a fluorescent HPLC method. Amounts of L-dopa and dopamine were significantly higher in TCDD-exposed N2a-Rβ cells as compared to unexposed N2a-Rβ cells. Fold increase represents the ratios of the amounts in TCDD-exposed cells to those in unexposed cells. No change was observed in the amount of noradrenaline with or without TCDD exposure to N2a-Rβ cells.
  2. Values are mean ± SD of four replicate determinations. ND, not detected. **P < 0.01.