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Table 4 Summary of pancreatic cancer models showing degree of smoothing and global test statistic

From: Spatial analysis of bladder, kidney, and pancreatic cancer on upper Cape Cod: an application of generalized additive models to case-control data

Analysis Latency (yrs) Spana Cases/Controlsc Deviance p-valued Figure #
All Residences
0 0.75 49/1005 0.04 --
All Residences
0 0.40b 49/1005 -----e 5a
All Residences
0 0.40 49/1005 0.02 5b
  1. Span is the percentage of data used for smoothing the model.
  2. a Optimal span obtained by using the Akaike's Information Criterion (AIC) unless otherwise noted.
  3. b Same span as for adjusted, all residences.
  4. c Number of residences contributed to the analysis by participant status.
  5. d Null hypothesis is that the map is flat.
  6. e The p-values were omitted because the maps were created using a non-optimal span.