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Table 1 Definitions of symptoms and asthma used as outcomes

From: Respiratory and skin health among glass microfiber production workers: a cross-sectional study

Symptoms/conditions Definition
Cough Recurrent or prolonged cough
Phlegm production Recurrent or prolonged phlegm production
Wheezing Wheezing or whistling of the chest
Breathlessness Chest tightness or difficulty breathing
Nasal symptoms Dryness, itching or smarting of nose, stuffy nose, runny nose or repeated sneezing (apart from colds)
Eye symptoms Dryness of eyes, itchy eyes, irritation or smarting of eyes, watering of eyes, or redness of eyes
Skin symptoms Dryness or flaking of skin, itchy skin, irritation, smarting or redness of skin, sore or tender skin, or urticaria
Current asthma Asthma diagnosed by a physician in the past 12 months
Asthma ever Asthma diagnosed by a physician ever during life time