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Table 1 Comparison between a population survey and a microenvironmental measurement campaign.

From: Conduct of a personal radiofrequency electromagnetic field measurement study: proposed study protocol

  Population survey Microenvironmental measurement study
Unit of observation Individual microenvironment*
Requirement for the study sample representative for the population of interest representative in terms of exposure-relevant behaviours for the population of interest
Selection of participants random and representative sample needed convenient sample is sufficient oversampling of rare exposure-relevant behaviours
Motivation of participants part of the random sample will not be motivated convenient sample is more motivated on average
diary basic and simple, if any at all compulsory
Measurement duration as long as reasonable for the participants not crucial
Sample size many individuals many measurements from numerous microenvironments of the same type
  1. * For the purpose of estimating exposure, a microenvironment is considered a spatial compartment where an individual spends time and exposure can be characterized during that time.