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Table 2 Evaluation results

From: Participatory testing and reporting in an environmental-justice community of Worcester, Massachusetts: a pilot project

Criteria process Household Tests Neighborhood PM
1. Design and planning of PT&R:   
1a. recruitment of/engagement with residents; low low
1b. conflict burden among partners. high high
2. Participatory testing:   
2a. ability of residents to engage with tests; high (10/14), moderate (4/14) high
2b. ability of the residents-partners team to accomplish tests within two hours. high (12/14), low (2/14) high
3. Reporting: useful knowledge gained by residents high (10/12) -
Criteria outcome   
4. PT&R protocol quality high -
5. Testing results - utility moderate -
6. Report quality high -
7. Value of overall experience/lessons learned moderate-high