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Table 2 Required parameters for Repace and Lowrey's model regarding retrospective exposure assessment of air nicotine concentration

From: Quantification of ETS exposure in hospitality workers who have never smoked

Parameter (Unit) Data source
Room volume V (in m3) Fixed size for each hospitality environment
Number of guests/seats (in persons) Mandatory legal standards define the maximum occupancy
Ventilation rate (in l/s pro Person) In Germany: E DIN EN 15251/ASR (defined standard) for uninhabited buildings
Nicotine emission per cigarette (in mg nicotine per cigarette) Means could be derived from measurements and studies of the accordant time period
Loss by nicotine deposit on surfaces (in percent) Known physical parameter (80%) [58]
Number of smoked cigarettes per smoker (in/h) Epidemiological data for observed time period
Smoker prevalence (in %) Epidemiological data for observed time period