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Table 2 Description of contaminants in the home environment included in the study

From: Study of Use of Products and Exposure-Related Behaviors (SUPERB): study design, methods, and demographic characteristics of cohorts

Compound of concern Sources/exposures considered Questions Residential Information Food recall/frequency Food Questions Time activity Consumer products Personal care products
1,4-Dichloro-benzene/Napthalene Toilet bowl and other solid deoderizers Use of toilet bowl and other solid deoderizers and moth repellents      x  
Arcylamide High temperature baked goods Consumption of carbohydrate-based foods   x     
Adhesives and solvents Various BTEX components Hobbies and exposure to cleaners, compounds; recent home improvements x    x x  
Ammonia Household cleaners Use of various household cleaning products      x  
Antibiotics and hormones Animal food Meat, dairy, egg, poultry, and fish consumption   x     
Benzene Cigarette smoke, gasoline Smoke exposure; transportation; gas storage; proximity to gas station, busy road x    x x  
Current use pesticides (pyrethroids) Food, residential use, agricultural exposure Fruit, vegetable, and organic food consumption; residential pesticide and insect repellent use x x x x   x
D-Limonene and α-Pinenene Lemon/pine scents Air freshener, household cleaner use      x  
Disinfectants Household cleaners Household cleaners, air fresheners, antibacterial soaps      x x
Mercury Fish, various products containing mercury Fish and shellfish consumption; use of nasal sprays, sunscreens, hair dyes, contact lens solutions, and ear drops   x     x
PAHs, HAAsa Charcoal Proximity to outdoor BBQ     x   
Phthalates Water bottles, food containers; Personal care products Use of plastic food containers, hair products, nail polish, lotions, deodorants, and cosmetics    x    x
TCE Dry cleaning Use of and proximity to dry cleaners x     x  
  1. a PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons), HAAs (heterocyclic aromatic amines);
  2. category also includes particulate matter, carbon monoxide, VOCs.