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Table 1 The objectives of the Parma workshop were to

From: Parma consensus statement on metabolic disruptors

• Review findings related to the role of environmental chemicals in obesity and metabolic syndrome with special attention to recent discoveries from animal model and epidemiology studies.

• Discuss refocusing the science from obesogens (obesity focus) to a more general focus on metabolic disruptors (metabolic syndrome).

• Identify conclusions that could be drawn with confidence from existing animal and human data.

• Develop predictions based on current data.

• Identify critical knowledge gaps and areas of uncertainty.

• Develop ideas and plans for future research that would help fill data gaps and resolve uncertainties that would lead to greater understanding of the obesogen/metabolic disruptor paradigm by the wider scientific and general communities.

• Develop plans to stimulate outreach to a wider scientific community via symposia, review articles, teleconferences.