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Table 3 Spearman correlations between O3, NO2, and PM2.5 within each city

From: Associations between ambient air pollutant mixtures and pediatric asthma emergency department visits in three cities: a classification and regression tree approach

City Pollutant O3 NO2 PM2.5
  O3 1.00 0.19a 0.57a
Atlanta NO2 0.19a 1.00 0.39a
  PM2.5 0.57a 0.39a 1.00
  O3 1.00 0.05b 0.42a
Dallas NO2 0.05b 1.00 −0.15a
  PM2.5 0.42a −0.15a 1.00
  O3 1.00 0.22a 0.29a
St. Louis NO2 0.22a 1.00 0.25a
  PM2.5 0.29a 0.25a 1.00
  1. ap < 0.01
  2. bp = 0.06