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Table 1 Spatially resolved data types and approaches used to homogenize spatial coverage

From: Building spatial composite indicators to analyze environmental health inequalities on a regional scale

Indicator Variables Sources Resolution and variable combination Spatial operation
Socioeconomic Indicator (SI) Median household income French census Vector data from the IRIS. Spatial population-weighted aggregation
Percentage high school graduates Rey et al. [25]
Percentage workers
Unemployment rate
Exposure Indicator (EI) - Nickel-Ni, Caudeville et al. [24]. Raster data of 1 km2 grid Spatial aggregation
- Cadmium-Cd,
- Lead-Pb
Health Indicator (HI) Lip, oral cavity and pharynx cancer mortality Regional Health Observatory of Vector data from the county database Poisson kriging
Pleural cancer mortality
Picardy. [22].