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Table 4 Importance analysis of the model

From: Building-related health impacts in European and Chinese cities: a scalable assessment method

Variable Impact values used in correlation
  Absolute values Incremental values relative to BAU
Exposure-response function of PM2.5 0.75-0.76 0-0.74
Shares of different heating types in the future 0.03-0.05 0.01-0.05
Amount of houses constructed in the future 0.02-0.03 0.01-0.05
Energy need of low-energy buildings 0.02-0.03 0.01-0.06
Shares of low-energy buildings in the future 0-0.01 0-0.01
Emission factors for PM2.5 0-0.01 0.05-0.05
Shares of renovation types in the future 0 0
  1. The values are ranges of absolute rank correlations between the outcome and different input variables