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Table 1 Comparison of online material provided by each location

From: Misled about lead: an assessment of online public health education material from Australia’s lead mining and smelting towns

  Broken Hill Mount Isa Port Pirie
Program Title Lead Health Program Living with Lead Alliance Targeted Lead Abatement Program; Ten for Them
Slogan “Lead it’s in our hands” “Living safely with lead” “It’s in our hands”
Partner Organizations The Child & Family Centre, Broken Hill Health Service; NSW Government, Far West Local Health District Queensland Government (Health and Department of Environment & Heritage Protection); Mount Isa Mines; Mount Isa City Council South Australian Government; Nyrstar
Online FAQ No yes, although only on blood lead level yes, comprehensive list
Online newsletter No Yes No
Photo or video gallery No No Yes
Links to other resources no active links on page No yes, with broken links
Clearly identified subsections on:    
  • Living with lead No Living with lead poster Yes
  • Renovating Yes Lead in the home poster Yes
  • Garden Yes Lead in the back yard poster Yes
  • Expectant mothers Yes Pregnancy poster Yes
  • Nutrition Yes Diet poster No
  • Hygiene Yes Wet wipe poster No
  • Occupation Yes No No
Other online resources Schematic of lead testing schedule multiple posters Top tip cards, community van
Currency of news section ~2014 Nov 2013 March 2015
Facebook No Yes Yes
Twitter No yes - although with only 9 tweets yes, but broken link