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Table 6 DALY Comparisons by Health Outcome

From: Burden of disease resulting from lead exposure at toxic waste sites in Argentina, Mexico and Uruguay

Selected Outcomes and Exposures Total DALYs
Leishmaniasis 2800
Childhood-cluster Diseasesa 9100
Multiple Sclerosis 27500
Chlamydia 39100
Acute Hepatitis B and C 43300
Lead Exposure (Modeled) 51432
Parkinson’s Disease 52800
Bladder Cancer 59500
Melanoma and Skin Cancers 63800
Tuberculosis 141500
Asthma 295700
Diarrheal Disease 375100
HIV 469100
Respiratory Infectionsb 153500
Diabetes Mellitus 3102600
  1. DALYs 2012 estimates (WHO, 2014)
  2. Bold data are based on our modeled estimate using a method developed by Chatham-Stephens et al
  3. aChildhood-cluster diseases include pertussis, diphtheria, measles, and tetanus
  4. bRespiratory infections includes lower respiratory infections, upper respiratory infections, and otitis media