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Table 2 The most uncertain parameters in the ERFs of chronic chlordecone effects

From: Public health and chronic low chlordecone exposures in Guadeloupe; Part 2: Health impacts, and benefits of prevention

Health outcome Most uncertain parameter Unit Mean valuea Low valuea High valuea Ratio high/low value
Liver cancer CFi/b (μg/kg/d)/(μg/L) 0.064 0.043 0.131 3.05
Prostate cancer OR-1 (−) 0.77 0.21 1.58 7.52
Renal dysfunction BMD10-HED (mg/kg/d)−1 0.013 0.001 0.032 28.87
Cognitive development IQ to ASQ equivalence IQpt/ASQpt 1 0.2 2 10.00
  1. CFi/b: conversion factor of ingestion dose to blood concentration of chlordecone. OR-1: difference of risk in exposed and reference populations. IQ to ASQ equivalence: IQ equivalence of 1 point of fine motor skill score in Age and Stage Questionnaire
  2. aTaken from Part 1