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Table 1 Exposure response function (ERF) and main information taken into account for derivation

From: Public health and chronic low chlordecone exposure in Guadeloupe, Part 1: hazards, exposure-response functions, and exposures

Effect Study Design Species/sex Exposure duration DAF (−) BMR or ΔRR POD TW (−) Raw ERFTW Absolute ERFTW Unit* Population affected Dominant source of variability of risk estimated with this ERF
Prostate cancer A Case/control Human/M Digestive 33 y na 0.77 6.741 2.12 0.242# 0.0019 (μg/Lblood)−1 Men > 45 years IC95 % OR
Developmental cognitive impairment B Prospective cohort Human/M in utero + post-natal Gestation + post-natal Slope factor taken from the study −0.320 −0.320 (μg/Lcord-blood)−1 Male newborn Equivalence between 1 QI point and 1 fine motor point at 18 months of age
Liver cancer C Experimental Mouse/FM Digestive 80 wk. 0.15 0.10 0.048 1.30 2.692 2.692 (mg/kg/d)−1 All Conversion of ingestion dose to blood concentration
Renal lesions D Experimental Rat/F Digestive 20 month 0.26 0.10 0.012 na 7.923# 0.0022 (mg/kg/d)−1 Women Conversion of ingestion dose to blood concentration
  1. A: Multigner 2010 [11], B: Boucher 2013 [13]; C: NCI 1976 [19]; D: Larson 1979 [7]. DAF: dosimetric adjustment factor for animal to human dose conversion. BMR: benchmark response. ΔRR = RR-1. POD = BMD10-HED or Δexpo. BMD10-HED = BMD10 × DAF. Δexpo = average exposure in RR group less average exposure in referent group. TW: time weighted factor (only for cancer effects). ERF: Exposure response function. Raw ERFTW: ERF resulting from Eq. 1 or 3 and weighted for time if necessary: Raw ERFTW = BMR/POD × TWF. Absolute ERF is the raw ERF from which background incidence (I0) was subtracted if necessary (POD derived from relative risk or effect restricted to a part of the population): prostate cancer in men > 45y (I0 = 0.0079), renal lesions (I0 = 0.00027). For renal lesions, the background incidence is annual new cases of women with erythematous systemic lupus. Absolute ERFTW = Raw ERFTW × I0. SLE: systemic lupus erythematosus. F = Female. M = male. “na” not appropriate
  2. * Same unit for raw and absolute ERF. The unit of the POD is the inverse of the ERF unit. Cancer ERFs are for lifetime exposure
  3. # Those ERFs must be used together with background incidence rates. For renal lesions, the incidence is for women with erythematous systemic lupus