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Table 1 Recommendations made to the public regarding air cleaner use during wildfire smoke events

From: Portable air cleaners should be at the forefront of the public health response to landscape fire smoke

Public Health Authority Recommendationsa
Use a portable/room air cleaner Type of air cleaner that should be used
 Alberta Health Services [23] HEPA
 Manitoba Health, Healthy Living and Seniors [24] HEPA
 Northwest Territories Health and Social Services [25] HEPA
 Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care [26] HEPA
United States
 California EPA Air Resources Board [27] X X
 Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment [28] HEPA
 North Carolina Public Health [29] Mechanical air cleaners
 Washington State Department of Health [30] HEPA
  1. a“√” indicates that information is provided and “X” indicates that no information is provided