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Table 3 Association between global DNA methylation (Alu and LINE-1) and one-year average PM2.5 (per 2.5 μg/m3) and NOX (per 30 ppb)

From: Long-term outdoor air pollution and DNA methylation in circulating monocytes: results from the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA)

  PM2.5 NOX
β (95% CI)a P-value β (95% CI)a P-value
Alu −0.003 (−0.006, 0.001) 0.155 0.001 (−0.006, 0.008) 0.719
LINE-1 −0.003 (−0.007, 0.001) 0.177 −0.0004 (−0.009, 0.008) 0.927
  1. PM2.5, fine particulate matter; NOX oxides of nitrogen, CI confidence interval, LINE-1 long interspersed element 1
  2. a Models adjusted for age, race/ethnicity, sex, study site, income, education, neighborhood socioeconomic status factor score, cigarette smoking, secondhand smoke, body mass index, physical activity, methyl nutrient intake (folate, vitamin B12, vitamin B6, methionine, zinc), residual cell contamination by non-monocytes, recent infection, and methylation chip position. Methylation values were adjusted for methylation chip prior to regression analysis