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Table 3 Cox regression analysis: Hazard Ratio (HR) for the development of arsenic induced skin lesions by presence or absence of genomic deletions in different chromosomal locations in female subjects

From: Association between genome-wide copy number variation and arsenic-induced skin lesions: a prospective study

CNV genomic coordinates (GRCh37/hg19) Cytoband Length (bps) Gene Distance to Nearest Gene (bps) HR (gene) Female subjecta 95% CI (gene) p-value (gene) Bonferroni p-value (gene) Female subjects interaction p-value Nearest reported CNV in DGV database Distance to Nearest reported CNV
chr8:14,696,759-14,702,931 8p22 6173 SGCZ (−) 0 2.43 1.60 3.69 3.03E-05 0.034 0.057 chr8:14,697,130..14719288 0
chr8:14,702,931-14,710,309 8p22 7379 SGCZ (−) 0 2.46 1.63 3.72 1.91E-05 0.022 0.040 chr8:14,697,130..14719288 0
  1. aHazard Ratio if genomic deletion is present; Cox regression model includes: genomic segment, age, gender, UACR and interaction term “genomic segment x gender”
  2. Top genomic segments are sorted by chromosome